Education, international students


The VVD supports students in Groningen who want to invest in themselves. Young people should be able to develop to the best of their capabilities, during and after their studies. The VVD therefore considers the constant improvement of the quality of both Higher and University Education to be of the utmost importance. Important objective of these improvements is to better align education with the labor market and to better promote cooperation between businesses and education. As a result of this students will be better prepared for their future. After al, students want to improve their prospects on the labour market as well as enjoy their time in the city!


The VVD believes that young people should decide themselves where and how to live. The municipality should ensure there is a variety of housing to choose from and refrain from regulatory barriers restricting where students live. The construction of single dwellings and spacious communal student housing should be promoted to reflect student housing needs. This is something the municipal government can work on together with the university, student organisations, housing cooperatives and others. Student housing needs need to be met!


The VVD promotes safe and speedy traffic. To ensure that schools and universities can easily be reached, traffic lights, roads, cross roads and more all need to be tuned to the needs of student traffic flows. At places where many students can be found, such as the Hanze, the university library and the central station, sufficient bike parking space needs to be available. Furthermore, sufficient police are needed to ensure that your bike remains your bike.


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